Instagram redesign for iPhone

The designer from the USA, Thuy Tu Kim, published the concept of redesign Instagram app for iPhone. She also spoke about the problems we wanted to solve, and what came of it. Thuy Tu has set a goal: to take the app that she uses every day and to try to rethink its interface. Her […]

The United States after Trump by Rod Hunt

Rod Hunt has created an incredible illustration for the magazine Business of Fashion, depicting the effect of administration Trump fashion, manufacture and immigrants.   Rod Hunt is a well – known Illustrator from London, who is a creator of the bestseller, the BBC’s “Where’s Stig?”. He has also worked with many other well-known brands and […]

David Heidhoff design

David Heidhoff is a young concept designer and artist from Germany who now lives in the USA and works in the video game industry.   He is inspired by traveling since childhood when he has traveled a lot with parents. After the end of the Schickhardt-Gymnasium in Herrenberg 2010, and traveling all over the world […]

Ready to play games?

Are you ready to take a look inside the world of Maurits Cornelis Escher hallucinogens in the game Euclid Fragments from the developer NuSan? The game impresses with its distorted dimensions, and a minimalist “painted” appearance. Fragments of Euclid is free to download and enjoy the work of art in game design.

5 design terms that you must know

  HTML   A computer markup language that is used to display content such as text, images, and links on the Internet.   JPEG   The image file type that uses lossy or lossless compression with little loss of detail. This type of file is best used for photographs and realistic paintings if there are […]

Sign Painters (documentary)

The film is dedicated to signs. We see them every day, but often don’t pay any attention to them. Withstood the test of time, hand-drawn signs – the product of a fascinating 150 years of American history. Once it was routine work, but now the work of an artist who paints signboards has become highly […]

5 Advertising Gimmicks that Appeal to a Part of You

I guess when selling is slow, the best way to appeal consumers to come back and spend  cash, is to strum a heart string and appeal to that part of you that is really never aroused by the thought of toilet paper commercials. I say this, because about 14 years ago there was a toilet […]

Legitimizing your Items-Demystifying UPC Codes Part 2

Now that you have a product you have produced, it`s time to take it to market. Besides labels, hang tags and packaging you need an UPC code. From Wikipedia an UPC-The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a barcode symbology (i.e., a specific type of barcode), that is widely used in the United States and Canada […]

Legitimizing your Items-Surviving Hand Made-Part 1

Okay so I apologize if I sound a bit frazzled. When I heard about this new law, all I could think of is WTF?? Handmade items are the bread and butter of America. I don`t ever rally for anything or anyone. But this deserves something better than a fight. It deserves a solution. (Or at […]

A Big Thank You!

The year is almost over and I can`t help but look back at the joys and tears, the celebrations and pity parties, the miracles, heartbreaks and comebacks that transpired this year. This year was by far one of the best years in my career-even with all the problems and set backs- and I would do […]

Empowering Yourself to Empower Your Business-8 Powerful Ways to Start Your Year on the Right Foot

I once heard that, what you hear other say (negatively) about you, weakens you. But you know of yourself to be true, empowers you. Mass hysteria that surrounds of the current market conditions only makes people scared to spend. Regardless of what spot you may be as we transition to 2009, you should set goals, […]

Magazine Media Meshes with Web 2.0

Everyone is in an uproar. They are all getting creative on how magazines and newspapers will continue to sell material and they are all getting creative on how to market to the people the information sought. If you want to read the grim predictions, be my guest. However I was taken by this particular one. […]

5 Ways to Maintain Income When The Sell is Low

As I hear the complains on the economy, and how some businesses are not doing as well as they should be, I can`t help but wonder what is it that they are doing (and not doing). You see, if what you are doing is not working, then it makes sense to try something else. It […]

Girly Logos

Having a business that caters to both men and women is challenging enough. When creating a logo that will not turn off men, yet wanting to show the head honcho is female, might be a bit difficult. Having a girly logo may not be the answer. You see, Lori is proud that her company is […]