Revision Process

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After receiving your logos, your natural response will be to show friends and family. Please be aware that everyone has an opinion and unless you are set and finalized on your decision, you should know that showing off your logo is not a good idea.

Just as you would only discuss the purchase of a home or having a baby with your significant other and not cousin Emma or your best friend, your logo choices are a part your business. Although they may mean well, they may persuade you out of your decision. Show your logo only after you have made your final decision. A lot of research and planning goes into making a logo and if your well meaning cousin talked you out of your decision, you will be wasting time and money.

Also, do not compare the artwork given to you to the logos/sites/illustrations on the site. The logos in my portfolio are considered finished and were fine tuned to the specifications of the client. Your initial logos are not considered not finished. Although I have had many customers like my logos at the initial stage, it is not rare to have them add or remove something later on. Utilize revisions to fine tune and explore options. All ideas will be considered, only those worth implementing will be rendered.

Certain things I will not budge

There are certain things I will not change when requested. I have enough websites under my belt to know better. If I know something will not be right, I will refuse the request. A prime example would be showing your work to another designer. There are certain rules in web design I like to follow and others I like to break. One rule I love to break is left align websites- I hate that rule! I like the center. If the designer likes to left align, he will tell you your site is wrong. If you create a request based on this, I will refuse the request and I will not make the changes. 90% of the time, you will see it my way. Unnecessary changes will make delays.

Business Partners

When there are two owners in a business, both of you must be in agreement and you both must converse first and then email me one email with all your thoughts for revisions. ONLY one of you should communicate with me rather than both of you. If this format is not followed I will not be able to finish the work, as I get as many as 1000 emails a day, and I will get confused.

In most cases, after choosing one of the logos, I can revise it to your liking. If that is not the case you have to choose from one of the three options;

* I can create 4 more logos for an extra fee more and after you choose one of those I will finish your logo package.

* I can make you one more logo and take away one of your revisions and radically change and revise it based on your specifications.

* Choose one of the logos I made you and I will change it to look the way you want it to look, without extra charge or taking a revision.