Illustration and Site

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After finalizing your logo, I will work on your Girly Design illustration.  If you have chosen not to have one, I will work on backgrounds and textures that will complement your logo. Your illustration has ten revisions. After the artwork is finalized and approved, I move on to layout on the site.

I have a unique process which allows the client to have as much say on the graphics for this area as they want. We discuss in detail your favorite things and styles and I create the illustration. You may have an illustration of you done, as well as change the weather, clothing, scenery to suit any changes to your business and weather. After the site is rendered, a fee will apply to make those changes.

It is very important to me how fluid is the site, since paying attention to this will create a site that is easily accessed. Web art can be effectively used as markers and guides to cut your customer in to what should they click on. It`s a lot like supermarket aisles with signs that tell you what is where. Buttons, rollovers, and graphics from your illustration will be put into the template to make it lively and beautiful. On the site documents, I will give you special images you can upload and decorate these pages.

Once you approve the layout, the coding is finalized and the template gets uploaded to the server.