Girly Logos

Having a business that caters to both men and women is challenging enough. When creating a logo that will not turn off men, yet wanting to show the head honcho is female, might be a bit difficult. Having a girly logo may not be the answer.

You see, Lori is proud that her company is a one woman operation. Yet she wanted her business to attract customers of both the male and female persuasion. She also wanted her logo to feel as if she was approachable and friendly as she is as well as indicating that she is an expert in help field who brings value to her clients. She also wanted to keep her logo simple.

This is very important to me as a designer, since people what to advertise all 100 thousand things they  do or are certified on.  Identifying her business with a girly logo would be detrimental to her cause. She wanted to show value, attract both sexes and be a friendly and approachable expert.

Knowing what she wanted and not continuing to research what she thinks she wants that other people already have, gave her the upper hand and made the job of the designer, surprisingly easy. The final logo is clean, professional and not sitting on a high horse. A girly logo that is not screaming super girly yet, my client loves it.