5 Advertising Gimmicks that Appeal to a Part of You

I guess when selling is slow, the best way to appeal consumers to come back and spend  cash, is to strum a heart string and appeal to that part of you that is really never aroused by the thought of toilet paper commercials. I say this, because about 14 years ago there was a toilet paper commercial that would make me cry all the time, and I would effectively buy it.

Today the same is done by the big brands who still believe you are so hypnotized watching reruns of Friends, that you won`t notice their game.

  1. WALMART-Summer costs less at Walmart. I really despised Walmart. After their lawsuits over no breaks, forcing workers to stay and work without pay and sexual harassment, I can`t say I would ever purchase anything there. I rather go without. But this commercial has in fact softened my heart. But I am still not buying!!! It has a catchy tune, sunny scenery and of course, a solution to not having enough when kids are home for the summer.
  2. Coca Cola-Open Happiness. Truly the best one I have ever seen. Very sexy, hypnotic and suggestive with the shape of a classic Coca Cola bottle being displayed everywhere, this sweaty guy gets happy by quenching his thirst with a Coke.Or if you are into cute, this commercial will be the one that will get you to buy a Coke.
  3. The Battle of The Taste KFC Grilled Chicken-I`ve always loved their chicken, but the word fried throws a damp towel to my diet and I just don`t feel like running 2 hours on the treadmill just to burn off a chicken thigh.  But when KFC said grilled, I jumped for joy and ran to buy some. Only to find out how gross it tastes. Never mind grilled, just fry it. Their commercial, clean and simple mirage of people repeating over and over Kentucky GRILLLEEDD Chicken, get stuck in your head until you spring the cash for it. It literally talks you into it!
  4. Ecoimagination-GE. What to do when you have to buy an appliance but you don`t want to feel guilt about saving the planet? Then buy ecofriendly with the only company that has ECOIMAGINATION! When there are so many companies doing the same, making up a word makes you a cut above the rest, no?? So let`s milk it, show off how we do it and add a little social responsibility with a touch of green for good measure.
  5. Tostitos and the Consumer Thought Process. Okay I found the one I really wanted to find which was the one where the girl reads the word hint, and she goes off on a tangent where people are hinting she should get married and have babies or her baby machine won`t work-Or something to that effect. The thought process makes me feel like my I.Q. is abnormally high for the average girl. It`s a bit insulting to think we reason or justify purchases with our life experiences. But the fact is, when there is little money on the grocery budget, we do justify buying that bag of Oreos or the Tostitos. The best part, they are doing it for you.  So go have a bag!

No I was not paid for doing this post. This is just a small sampler of the gimmicks used by big corporations to get you to buy their product when you could buy, less advertised and less costly brand. Not only can you use these ideas when advertising, but now you will be wise to their ad campaign.