Magazine Media Meshes with Web 2.0

Everyone is in an uproar. They are all getting creative on how magazines and newspapers will continue to sell material and they are all getting creative on how to market to the people the information sought. If you want to read the grim predictions, be my guest.

However I was taken by this particular one.

NAME: Emily Gordon
TITLE: editor-in-chief, Print; founder,
2009 PREDICTION(S): The good, the bad, and the Ghost of Media Future: Newspaper veterans will unite to create the greatest online resource of all time and overthrow all the sites that put them out of business. Newsday (snappy URL, right?) will rise again as a megasite that dwarfs other news aggregators. PR and journalism will merge to become flackalism. Someone will design an online course called Multimedia for Magazine Editors in Five Minutes a Day that will make that someone a whole bunch of money; why not you? Professional bloggers nationwide will unionize, with the encouragement of President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg, and demand full benefits and reasonable work conditions. Readers of long, focused stories online will get tired of scrolling and pay for well-designed paper versions—even more for signed copies from the right authors. (This I can prove.) And someones got to start paying for the Internet, maybe with a package subscription to favorite sites, which would come, Salon Premium-style, with magazines, music, party invitations, and meaningful community privileges.

I am particularly excited about that. The power is returned to the masses and they in turn, make money.

If you want to see what the corporate wigs are saying, watch the video. I think we are about to see the birth of a new era in print media and I for one, can`t wait to see it. I have no predictions, but if I had one, Emily`s would be close.