5 Ways to Maintain Income When The Sell is Low

As I hear the complains on the economy, and how some businesses are not doing as well as they should be, I can`t help but wonder what is it that they are doing (and not doing). You see, if what you are doing is not working, then it makes sense to try something else.

It doesn`t always mean you throw out your old site or business concept, but it does mean finding a new angle or venue to capitalize on your idea.  Selling is just one way to make money. Here 5 easy things you can so to maintain your sell, (from easiest to hardest to do)

    1. Blogging for Dollars-Selling space on your blog to advertisers like Google Adwords and AdBrite and make money selling ad space there. Because blogs can be about anything, you would not be selling ad space to competitors. Per example, If you blog about stationery and you are a clothing boutique, the ads placed on that page will be about paper.
    2. Newsletters that rock-Displaying your items in a way that appeals to the masses is not rocket science. Use your logo to brand, pick three items you want show off and use graphics to highlight what matters. You can even sell ad space here!


  1. Join The Affiliate League -If you can`t afford to advertise, then offer an incentive to promote! Affiliates at the Pepperjam Network offer from $1 to 50 per sale brought from your blog. Share the wealth and everyone makes a buck.
  2. Be a Guru-There is always something you know more of, of know how to do better than anyone else. So why not write about it? Start a blog, blogger.com and wordpress.com are free, and just write. This can in turn make you an expert and you can become a consultant.  You can also make $$$ by selling ad space!
  3. Diversify with in your field-If you only sell baby stuff, sell items for the whole family. If you have a service for small businesses, offer it to big ones. If you make bows, make custom ribbon bows! If you sell gifts, sell corporate gifts.

There are many ways to create income. Finding yours can be a great adventure!