Girly Logos and Graphics

Elaine`s works brings luxury and depth to your site and stationery, and customers seeking quality and value will be engaged with your site. Your products and content are presented with style and class, creating the social chatter that boost sales.

Whether your preference in style is sophisticated, feminine, trendy, fashionable, French, haute couture or simply girly, you can find feminine characters, girly logos, custom damask prints, feminine stationery, and luxury web design to suit your style.

Luxury web design, complemented by your style. Feminine styled, girly logos.  Elaine Biss have worked with clients from all over the world. From Parisian tie designers at Le Cravatier in Paris, France, elegant clothing boutique New York & Company, to luxury beauty house DIOR. After you checkout the rest, hire the original couture web designer.

Our couture web design package will prepare you to manage your online business. Nothing is pre-made or from photo stock companies, every single one of our graphics is an original design, custom made to your specifications.

So whether you are looking to give your site a makeover, a girly logo or get this season`s new look, it will have your individual sense of style.

So What`s the Difference?

Logo, Character or Illustration?

A girly logo is a simple mark, monogram or design that is made to be recognized quickly, thus creating a brand for you.

The Benefits?

Many! Girly logos create your identity! A simple graphic can create a brand that is not just unforgettable but always recognized. It always be associated with you and your product or service. Print your girly logo everywhere! From postcards to t-shirts, it is yours to brand as you wish!

Girly Characters

A girly character can be equally as important as your logo. It can be used alone, or along with a logo and illustration. The best part about it, is that the character is you on the web. Your boutique rep selling to customers when you are not there. They can be made to resemble you or in the likeness of whoever you want.

The Benefits?

Just as a logo, a hip character is easily recognizable. Branding is the name of the game here and a trendy girl character will make you a winner. It creates a quick association to you and your product or service! Adding simple text will make it a girly logo. The best part is that she is yours to brand, brand, brand! Use her on your promotional items, store signage and girly stationery.

Hip and Girly Boutique Illustration

La creme de la creme! These hip and girly boutique illustrations can set you apart and the only limit is your imagination. These include patterns, furniture, rugs, wall decor, curtains Everything you could possibly need inside your boutique on the web! I love these because you can go crazy showing off the style you love best. You can add a few girly characters and show of your family or business partner.

The Benefits?

There are no limits to the benefits! These make gorgeous postcards that only YOU have. The elements inside can decorate your website, further branding you and reiterating your identity, not just on the web, but in the real world. These hip and girly boutique illustrations are so custom, that every detail is a luxury.  It adds value to your project and sets you apart from the competition. They are yours to print where you wish